In years 2012-2014 I’ve been involved in cogeneration and microcogeneration products (CHP). I’ve supported the marketing in Venetian region of the following product lines :

  • Totem (natural gas, up to 25 kW, FIAT/FCA engine. Their brands : Tandem and Totem :
  • T.E.C. (natural gas and biogas,  more than 25 kW, MAN engines. Brand : T.E.C. – Total Energy Care, today ESCO-TEC)

After the qSolar initiative about hybrid inverters, in 2015/2016 I’ve cooperated with REEM Services srl (an engineering company based in Padova and linked to SOLAMA srl). I’ve been selling photovoltaic plants, mostly with storage, aimed to residential and small business customers (3 to 100 kW).

It’s the marketing segment where I’ve worked with OMEGA srl. (based in Verona) to make up the new ecommerce site (or, which distributes innovative products for photovoltaic plants, mostly hybrid inverters – ongrid enabled-, and related storage.